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Le Courrier x 02.03.2020

La Liberté x 29.02.2020

TEDx Lausanne

24 Heures x 03.03.2020

24 Heures 

"D’une maturité hallucinante, le Lausannois croit en l’âme des machines, à leur capacité de sublimer son instrument organique."

" Adriano Koch is a unique musician.

He creates art beyond limits by mixing traditional acoustic piano with electronic instruments on stage, allowing him to create a rich and visual performance, to free himself from the restrictive labels of classical music and to open his art to a wider audience. "

Le x 26.03.2020

La Côte x 12.02.2020

La Côte x 22.03.2019

L'Agenda x 18.09.2018

20 min x 25.04.2019

Epic Magazine x 21.09.2018

Migros Magazine x 18.06.2018


Subjective Podcast x 27.02.2020

RTS Paradiso x 22.01.2020

RTS Vertigo x 12.01.2020

RTS Calmos x 01.04.2019

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